Google BigQuery

Source and destination

  1. Go to to create a new service account.

  2. Select these BigQuery roles:

  • BigQuery Job User
  • BigQuery Data Viewer
  • BigQuery Metadata Viewer

If you plan on using BigQuery as a destination, you'll also need:

  • BigQuery Data Editor
  1. Select JSON for Key type.

  1. Click Create and save the JSON key file.

  2. In Polytomic, go to Connections → Add Connection → Google BigQuery.

  3. Upload the JSON service account key from step 3 to Polytomic's Service account credentials field.

  1. Click Save.

Note: if you are trying to write "Record" field types in BigQuery, Polytomic may modify field names in order to comply with BigQuery field naming rules. The following rules apply:

  • Only the first 300 characters are used.
  • Field names consist of only upper/lowercase letters, numbers, and underscores.
  • -, ., are converted to _.
  • All other characters are dropped.