Creating workspaces

By default, Polytomic comes with one workspace that contains all your data (users, syncs, and so on).

Polytomic supports the creation of multiple workspaces. Each workspace is an isolated environment with a unique name and user access list.

Multiple membership

Selecting a workspace on login

Users can be members of multiple workspaces, in which case they will be asked to select a workspace after authenticating to Polytomic as shown in this example:

Switching between workspaces

Once you're in a workspace, you can switch to other workspaces you're a member of using the Switch button in the bottom-left of your screen per the screenshot below. Any workspaces are you not a member of will not show up in your switching list:

Workspace creation

If you would like additional workspaces created, email [email protected] with your request and supply the following information:

  • Workspace name.
  • Email addresses of the workspace's admin users.

The Polytomic team will then create your workspace and respond to your email with confirmation.

On-premise customers

For those running Polytomic on-premise, you can create additional workspaces by logging into a Polytomic container and running this command: ./ptctl orgs provision. You will be prompted to provide a workspace name as well as email addresses corresponding to the workspace's initial users.