Google Cloud SQL

Source and destination

Polytomic can connect to Google Cloud SQL databases using a service account key:

  1. Go to to create a new service account.

  2. Select the Cloud SQL Client role:

  1. Create and save a JSON service account key file.

  2. In Polytomic, go to Connections → Add Connection → Google Cloud SQL.

  3. Enter your credentials.

  4. Upload your JSON key file from step 3 in Polytomic's 'Service Account Key' field.

  1. Click Save.

If you'd like to authenticate using IAM rather than a password, you can add an IAM principal to your database (see and incorporate that in your JSON service account key file.

CDC replication from Google Cloud SQL (PostgreSQL)

If you'd like to stream changes from your PostgreSQL Cloud SQL instances into a data warehouse, see the CDC replication section in our PostgreSQL documentation.