• HubSpot has an option for to create and associate a new Company whenever you create a Contact with a never before seen domain. This can be a useful feature, but can also cause issues where a a Company and Contact sync create duplicate Company records. Even if you disable this option, a suboptimal sync workflow can cause Contacts and Company associations to be missing. An ideal workflow to avoid this issue is as follows:
    1. Create a HubSpot Company sync at your desired cadence. If possible, use a unique ID from your system mapped to a custom property to prevent future duplication (i.e. the company changes names or website domains).
    2. Create a HubSpot Contact sync with the sync after schedule. Use some shared attribute from your system to associate the Contact and Company via the relationships option. If you have a unique Company ID also available on the Contact record.

Use the Suggest Edits link to let us know if you have any other tips to help others set up better HubSpot syncs.