Zendesk Support

Source and Destination

  1. In Polytomic, go to ConnectionsAdd ConnectionZendesk Support.

  2. Enter your Zendesk Subdomain. Your subdomain is in the account's URL: https://yoursubdomain.zendesk.com

  3. Click Connect to Zendesk Support to connect to Zendesk Support using OAuth.

  1. Click Save.


Custom API limits

Polytomic enforces a limit of 100 API requests per minute. If you need a lower number you can enforce this with the Enforce custom API limits checkbox.

Delete mode

When syncing to Zendesk, Polytomic also supports the ability to delete records.


Record deletion is destructive

Please exercise care when using Delete mode in Polytomic, as deleting records from Zendesk is a destructive operation. The records are removed from Zendesk and the operation cannot be undone.

You can use this mode to delete all Zendesk users or organizations specified by a Polytomic model or its sync filters. Note that deletions do not propagate to related objects. For example, deleting users does not cause their related organizations or tickets to also be deleted. The designated objects get deleted, their relationships severed, and no more.