Duplicate Identities

Example warning

6 duplicates detected

Warning description

This error happens when Polytomic observes multiple records come through with the same identity value.

For example, suppose you have the following collection of records that you were sending to a CRM:

Email (identity field)First NameLast Name
[email protected]JohnDoe
[email protected]JonDoe

Polytomic will alert you to the fact that there are one or more records that share an identity value (in this case [email protected]).

Warning symptoms

  • The record in the destination system does not have expected values
  • You have multiple records in the destination system with the same identity value
  • The same record is written multiple times in the course of a single sync

Other information

The order of the duplicates does not matter as the order the records come through is non-deterministic. In other words, a random record from the duplicates will be written to the destination system.