Zendesk Chat

Configuring Zendesk Chat with Polytomic On Premises

Follow these steps to enable the Zendesk Chat integration in your on-premise Polytomic app:

  1. Create an OAuth client in your Zendesk Chat console. You can do so by following Zendesk's instructions here or visiting https://<my_company>.zendesk.com/agent/admin/api/oauth_clients.
  2. Make sure your valid redirect URLs include {YOUR_POLYTOMIC_URL}/connect/zendesk_chat.
  3. Once you have set up the OAuth client, the following environment variables have to be set in your Polytomic environment:
  1. Restart your Polytomic instance so that it can pick up the new environment variables.
  2. Whitelist Zendesk's IP addresses to ensure that it can communicate with Polytomic. Zendesk publishes the IP ranges they use on their support page. If you already have a working Zendesk Support connection in your Polytomic on-premise instance then you can skip this step.
  3. Go into the Polytomic app and follow these instructions to connect to your Zendesk Chat instance.