Source and destination

Polytomic connects to Attio using OAuth. Please ensure that the Attio user account your connecting with has all the required read/write permissions within Attio to the objects you care about.

  1. In Polytomic, go to ConnectionsAdd ConnectionAttio.
  1. Click Connect to Attio to go through Attio's authentication flow. You'll authenticate using an existing Attio user account.
  2. Click Save.

Example demo videos

Here are some demo videos covering a small subset of what Polytomic can do with Attio:

  • Sync from Attio to your data warehouse: video.
  • Sync to Attio from your SQL database + spreadsheets: video.
  • Enrich Attio records with video.
  • Sync from Attio to NetSuite: video.

Note that, following the examples above, any of Polytomic's other integrations can also pull from or push to Attio.