Joining to other models

To unlock the power of multi-source Polytomic syncs, you will want to use the Join to other models option when creating source models. This will allow you to have multiple source models in a single destination sync.

As an example, if you have a PostgreSQL database with an organization_id field that is also in HubSpot, when creating a HubSpot Company model, you'll want to join on those shared field.


Later, when creating a sync you can reference both the HubSpot Company model fields and PostgreSQL model fields in the same sync.


There is no need to circularly join two models together - one join is enough to link them together. In other words, joins are directionless.

When viewing a model, you can see which other model has joined itself to the model being viewed. For example, this shows that the HubSpot Companies model we were just modifying has a join specified in our HubSpot Deals model.