Default user roles

Polytomic offers four built-in user roles:

  • Admin: Admins can create, modify, and delete items in all sections of the app.
  • Editor: Editors have all Admin rights except for the ability to add and remove users or modify their roles.
  • Sync Editor: Sync Editors can see everything but can only create, modify, and delete syncs. They cannot, for example, add/modify/delete models, users, or connections. Nor can they access Query Runner.
  • Viewer: Viewers can see everything but cannot create, modify, nor delete anything.

Modifying a user's roles

Click the ... on the right-hand side of a user to change their roles.

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Custom roles

Polytomic supports defining custom roles and security policies if the default user roles are not enough for your needs. Read on to see how.

What’s Next