Model labels

Categorizing your models with labels

If you have many models in a single workspace, you may want to label them with categories to filter on so you can focus on a subset at a time.

For example, it may be that your Polytomic models cover data from product, sales, marketing, and finance categories. Model labels allow you to segment your models into these categories then view each category in isolation using label filters.

Creating and applying labels

Labels are created on-demand and applied using the Labels field on your model. You can apply multiple labels to each model.

Note that each user who creates a new label contributes to the label auto-complete list in Polytomic.

Filtering your model list

You can filter your model list to only see models with certain labels. To do so, click on the filter dropdown in the top-left of your models page.

Note that this filter's state is persisted: it will remain set the next time you log in to Polytomic.

Editing and deleting labels

If you're a Polytomic Admin, you can rename labels as well delete them by going to Settings and interacting with the Model labels table. This table also displays a count of how many models use a particular label.