Google Ads

Configuring Google Ads with Polytomic On Premises

In order to enable the Google Ads integration on your Polytomic on-prem instance, you'll need to do the following:

  1. Obtain a Google Developer token.
  2. Create an OAuth client in your Google Console.
  3. Set (1) and the credentials from (2) as Polytomic environment variables (note: this will have to be done by the engineer on your team who deployed Polytomic).

See the following section for detailed steps.

Enabling Polytomic's Google Ads integration

NOTE: You can skip step 1 below if you already have a Google Developer token.

  1. Submit an application for a Google Developer token by going through the instructions and form linked on this page:
  2. Enable the Google Ads API in your Google Console by going here: Make sure you pick the right project in the top selector then click the 'Enable' button:
  1. On the Google Ads API page, click Create credentials:
  1. On the subsequent screen, select Google Ads API and User data then click Next:
  1. If the Google Ads API scope is not present, click Add or remove scopes and add it, then click Save and continue:
  1. In the OAuth Client ID section, set the following options:
  • Application type: Web application.
  • Name: Enter any name you want (e.g. 'Polytomic Google Ads client').
  • Authorized redirect URIs: Create one entry here to <Polytomic URL>/connect/googleads. For example, if you access Polytomic at then the entry here should be

Click Create:

  1. Download your credentials and note the client_id and client_secretvalues:
  1. Ask the engineer on your team that deployed Polytomic to carry out this step. Set the following environment variables in the Polytomic deployment:
  • GOOGLEADS_DEVELOPER_TOKEN: set this to the value from step 1.
  • GOOGLEADS_CLIENT_ID: set this to the client ID from step 7.
  • GOOGLEADS_CLIENT_SECRET: set this to the client secret from step 7.

Restart your Polytomic environment so that it picks up these environment variables.

  1. You'll now see the Google Ads integration as a connection option in Polytomic. Follow the steps here to connect to your Google Ads instance.