SSO/SAML configuration

Enabling the SSO feature for your Polytomic workspace

Before attempting to set up SSO/SAML for your Polytomic workspace, the feature must be enabled for your workspace. Please contact the Polytomic team at [email protected] to enable it.

Once SSO/SAML has been enabled, admins will be able to see a link in the Settings panel to manage SSO/SAML:

Clicking the link will take you to a configuration portal which will allow you to:

  • Set up an SSO/SAML connection.
  • View the status and recent activity on an already configured SSO/SAML connection.

Note: at this time, the admin panel only supports a single SSO/SAML configuration. If you need more than one identity integration, please contact [email protected].

Video guide: activating SSO for your Polytomic workspace

Using Okta as an example, you can see a video demonstration of activating SSO login in Polytomic here.