Administering your deployment

Polytomic includes a command-line tool that you can use to administer your on-prem instance. Common actions include organization management, user management, and more.

In order to run the below commands, you will need to exec into the running docker container which contains the command-line tool.

docker exec -it CONTAINER_ID /bin/bash


Organizations can be a useful tool if you want to provide a level of separation between groups of users. Organizations are fully isolated workspaces: nothing between them is shared. Connections, models, and syncs must be recreated for each organization.

Creating a new organization

When you start Polytomic for the first time, a default organization is created. Additional organizations can be created with the following command:

./ptctl orgs add


Creating a new user

Users can be added to any organization. Admin users have the ability to add other users.

./ptctl users add

Switching between organizations

If you're a member of multiple organizations, you're able to switch between them in the app by clicking the 'Switch' button in the bottom-left of your screen.