Salesforce — Duplicate Lead Error

Example warning

Salesforce rejected the record because it detected duplicate. This can happen if you attempt to create a record that violates your Salesforce instances's duplicate detection rules. (Salesforce reported: DUPLICATES_DETECTED:Use one of these records?:--)


Salesforce rejected the record because it detected duplicates. Duplicate rule 'STANDARD_RULE' matched records: 00Q5f000005hR7ObbZ, 00Q5f000005A19ABbZ.

Warning description

This warning happens when a Salesforce rejects a record because writing the record would violate your Salesforce instance settings with respect to duplicate records.

You can learn more about duplicate records settings in Salesforce in their helpdesk.

The exact formatting of the error message depends on the sync's configuration and volume of records.

Warning symptoms

  • Salesforce does not contain all of the records you expect it to
  • Some fields in Salesforce are stale/out of date

Other information

Review the records present in your Salesforce based on which records you're trying to transmit. By default, Salesforce has a default rule settings for Leads and Contacts. You can read about them here