Polytomic connects to Gong using one of two methods:

  1. API keys
  2. OAuth

Connecting using API keys

  1. Generate Gong API keys (i.e. access key and access secret) by logging into Gong and going to Company settingsEcosystemAPIAPI keys.
  2. In Polytomic, go to ConnectionsAdd ConnectionGong.
  1. Select Access key and secret as the Authentication method.
  2. Enter your access key, access secret, and Gong subdomain.
  3. Click Save.

Connecting using OAuth

  1. In Polytomic, go to ConnectionsAdd ConnectionGong.
  2. Select OAuth as your authentication method.
  1. Click Connect to Gong to go through Gong's OAuth flow.
  2. Click Save.

Syncing from Gong

Bulk syncs

Incremental syncs

When bulk-syncing from Gong, you have the option of syncing calls and transcripts incrementally if you're willing to tolerate some outdated data. Specifically, you will get all records created at a moment in time but you'll miss any updates that happen to records in the past (for example, an update to a call or transcript three days after its creation).

If this trade-off is acceptable to you, you can enable incremental syncing by going to Advanced settings in your bulk sync config and turning on the Sync data incrementally option: