Integrating monitoring tools

Polytomic has an event stream that fires events for state transitions of syncs (from start to completion or failure).

Whilst you are free to build your own Polytomic event stream consumer using our API, Polytomic also comes with ready integrations to Datadog and Honeycomb . The Polytomic event stream can be automatically forwarded to either of those monitoring tools.

To do so, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Create a Polytomic connection to your monitoring tool (see Datadog and Honeycomb examples).
  2. Go to the Settings tab in Polytomic:
  1. Edit the Log sync events to dropdown to point to your monitoring tool (you must be a Polytomic Admin to see this setting):

After this, all subsequent sync events will be automatically forwarded to your monitoring tool, enabling you to build native dashboards in there.