Affinity CRM

Source and destination

Polytomic connects to Affinity CRM using an Affinity API key.

  1. In the Affinity portal obtain your Affinity API key by clicking on your Personal AvatarSettingsAPIGenerate an API Key. For more detail please review Affinity's instructions.

  2. In Polytomic, go to ConnectionsAdd ConnectionAffinity.

  3. Paste your Affinity API key in Polytomic's 'API key' field.

  1. Click 'Save'.

Syncing to Affinity Organizations: matching multiple source domains

Your source identity value into Affinity Organizations may be a collection (array) of domain names that map to a single Affinity Organization domain field. Polytomic's matching logic in this case can be set by specifying the identity function for the sync:

You have two options to choose from:

  • All matching: Polytomic will match against all domains in the source array to decide whether a record already exists in Affinity.
  • First one: Polytomic will only match against the first domain in the source array. All others will be ignored.