Source and destination

Polytomic connects to Salesforce using OAuth and requires a Salesforce account with read-write permissions. While not required, we recommend you create a user in Salesforce exclusively for Polytomic so that the audit logs in Salesforce distinguish all Polytomic activity.


Salesforce sandbox

Connecting Polytomic to a Salesforce sandbox is no different than connecting to a production instance; the same instructions apply. Indeed, if you have a Salesforce sandbox available we recommend you create two Salesforce connections in Polytomic: one to your sandbox for testing and one to your production instance.

  1. In Polytomic, go to Connections β†’ Add Connection β†’ Salesforce.

  2. Pick your connection name and enter your unique Salesforce domain or ID. The domain is often a string in the format You can also enter your unique ID instead, foocorp in this case.

  1. Click Connect to Salesforce and go through OAuth authentication using a Salesforce account.

  2. Click Save to save your new connection.


For advanced users: enforce API limits

Polytomic automatically enforces a conservative daily Salesforce API-call limit on itself derived from your Salesforce instance. You can override Polytomic's automatic behaviour with a specific daily API-call limit of your choice by ticking the 'Enforce API limits' box.

After saving your connection, you can click into it anytime to see the Salesforce user account it is using.