Mapping overrides (optional)

When setting up a mapping there may be edge cases you want to handle differently, or fields in one system that sometimes (or always) don't map cleanly to another system. You have the option to override the mapping value with conditional logic.

You can do so by clicking the plus icon below Overrides


You will then be presented with a dropdown of the mapping fields you selected above, and can set up a logic flow; or multiple for the same mapping field. The logical arguments you can make will depend on the Type of the field you are mapping.

Here are some example overrides that may illustrate how to use this field to improve your syncs

  1. Correcting data for a single record due to some one-off situation in the source
  1. Allowing a source to sync useful information to the destination despite the values not being exactly the same

Use the Suggest Edits link to let us know if you have any use cases for Overrides that may help others create more powerful syncs.