Google Sheets

Source and destination

To connect Polytomic to a Google Sheet, go to ConnectionsAdd ConnectionGoogle Sheets.

There are two ways to connect Polytomic to a Google Sheet:

  • OAuth (by signing in with your personal Google Account).
  • Service Account(use a Google Cloud credential that isn't tied to a person).

Connecting with OAuth

  1. Click Continue with Google to go through Google's OAuth flow.

  1. Choose your spreadsheet in the popup window.
  2. Click Save.


Re-authenticating a Different Account

You can always re-authenticate into Google Sheets using a different OAuth account by clicking the Force reconnect button in the screenshot above.

Connecting with a Google Service Account

  1. If you already have a JSON credential for a service account, skip to step 4. Otherwise, go to to create a new service account.

  1. Open the key you just created. Click on the KEYS tab then click Create new key from the ADD KEY dropdown.

  1. Choose JSON and Create. Your service key will be downloaded automatically.

  1. Enable the Google Sheets API in Google Cloud. You can visit the API Enablement Wizard to enable the correct API. Make sure you have the correct project selected:

  1. In the Google Sheet you want to connect Polytomic to, add your Service Account as an Editor.

  1. In Polytomic, select Service Account from the Authentication method dropdown.

  1. Upload the JSON account service key.
  2. Choose your spreadsheet in the popup window.
  3. Click Save.


Updating Service Accounts

You can always update the Service Account in Polytomic by clicking 'Browse' in the above screenshot to upload a new service account key.

Note: it's a good idea to maintain the existing service account and only rotate keys, as you will otherwise need to re-invite the new service account to all sheets again.