Enabling Outreach with Polytomic On Premises

The following steps will enable Outreach authentication on your Polytomic on-premises environment:

  1. Create and publish an internal Outreach app from Outreach's developer console.
  2. Enter Outreach credentials as environment variables in Polytomic's on-premise environment.

These steps are outlined in detail below.

Create and publish an internal Outreach app

  1. Ensure that you are an Outreach admin.
  2. Go to your Outreach admin panel: https://web.outreach.io/admin-exp.
  3. Click on Apps then click on Create new app.
  1. Click Create app.
  1. Give your app any name and identifier. A suitable name is <your company name>-polytomic.
  1. Click on Feature selection.
  1. Click on Outreach API (OAuth) then confirm by clicking Add feature.
  1. Click on the Production tab.
  1. Record the OAuth Application ID and Application secret values, as they will be required later in the process.
  2. In the Callback URL field, enter YOUR_POLYTOMIC_URL/connect/outreach. For example, if you access Polytomic at https://polytomic.mycorp-internal.com, enter https://polytomic.mycorp-internal.com/connect/outreach.
  1. In the API Scopes section, check the all option for each row of options. Check the read option when it is the only one available.
  2. Click on New release in the top right.
  1. Pick the Internal app option then click Next.
  1. Check off all the policy agreements then click Release.
  1. Click Publish.
  2. Enter credentials in Polytomic's on-premise environment. These steps will have to be executed by an engineer on your team who has access to Polytomic's environment:
  1. Set the environment variable OUTREACH_CLIENT_ID to the OAuth Application ID value from step 9.
  2. Set the environment variable OUTREACH_CLIENT_SECRET to the Application secret value from step 9.
  3. Refresh the environment to load the new environment variables.
  1. Authenticate to Outreach from within the Polytomic app. Instructions to do so are here: https://docs.polytomic.com/docs/outreach.

What’s Next

Connect to Outreach from within the Polytomic web app