Salesforce — Duplicate Identities

Example warning

Duplicate Salesforce records: 00Q5f00000BA56pEAZ, 00Q5f00000AAvb4AB

Warning description

This warning happens when Polytomic receives multiple records for a single identity value during an update-only sync. This happens when Polytomic looks up a single record for update, but Salesforce returns multiple records for a single identity value. This is different from the Duplicate Identities warning, which indicates the source is producing duplicate records.

For example, consider an update-only sync:

Source System

Phone (Identity Value)First NameLast Name

Salesforce (Destination)

Phone (Identity Value)First NameLast NameSalesforce Record ID

Polytomic will attempt to update both of these records, which is often an unexpected operation.

Warning symptoms

  • Records have unexpected values