Example: restrict model-editing

What if you want to restrict the ability to create, edit, and delete Polytomic models to particular roles?

In this case there is no need to create a new policy (although you could if you wanted to). You can instead edit the built-in Models policy:

  1. Click the three dots in the top-right to edit the policy:
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  1. Pick the authorised roles for the create, delete, and edit actions.

  2. Save your policy.

This is a built-in policy that is automatically attached (thus enforced) to all models in Polytomic.

Inapplicable actions

You will notice that not every single action on a policy will apply to all objects. For example, the default policy above contains actions like sync_to and trigger:


It does not make sense to 'sync to' or 'trigger' a model. In situations where a policy action is inapplicable to an object, it and its attributes are ignored by that object. In the case of models, one may as well leave the sync_to and trigger actions blank.