Resyncing your tables

Sometimes you may want a fresh start where you resync everything from your source and regenerate the schemas in your destination warehouse, database, or cloud storage.

To do this, go to Bulk syncs, click on your sync, then go to the Status and information tab. In there, set your Controls section to Force resync then click Start. This will recreate your destination schemas and resync everything from your source.

Partial resync

There may be occasions where you want to resync a subset of your tables rather than all of them. To do so, click on the All tables dropdown and click on Select tables.... This will pop up a drawer for you to select a subset of tables to resync:

Partial incremental sync

You may also want to re-trigger an incremental sync for a subset of your tables only. This may be desired if, for example, all tables in your last sync succeeded except for one due to a temporary issue in your source.

Rather than waiting for the next scheduled run, you can trigger an incremental sync for a subset of tables by going to the Controls section of your bulk sync and setting the dropdowns to Sync and Select tables..., respectively. This will then pop up a drawer for you to pick the subset of tables to incrementally sync.

Clicking Start after that will trigger this partial sync.