Source and destination

Polytomic connects to Salesforce using OAuth and requires a Salesforce account with read-write permissions. While not required, we recommend you create a user in Salesforce exclusively for Polytomic so that the audit logs in Salesforce distinguish all Polytomic activity.


Salesforce sandbox

Connecting Polytomic to a Salesforce sandbox is no different than connecting to a production instance; the same instructions apply. Indeed, if you have a Salesforce sandbox available we recommend you create two Salesforce connections in Polytomic: one to your sandbox for testing and one to your production instance.

Creating a connection

  1. In Polytomic, go to ConnectionsAdd ConnectionSalesforce.

  2. Pick your connection name and enter your unique Salesforce domain or ID. The domain is often a string in the format You can also enter your unique ID instead, foocorp in this case.

  1. Click Connect to Salesforce and go through OAuth authentication using a Salesforce account.

  2. Click Save to save your new connection.

Connection maintenance

  • After you've saved your connection, you can click into it anytime to see the Salesforce user account it is using.
  • If you need to change the authorized user, all you need to do is click the Force reconnect button and re-authenticate the connection.
  • Polytomic automatically enforces a conservative daily Salesforce API-call limit on itself derived from your Salesforce instance. You can override Polytomic's automatic behavior with a specific daily API-call limit of your choice by ticking the 'Enforce API limits' box.

Syncing to Salesforce: Delete mode

When syncing to Salesforce, one of the sync modes supported by Polytomic is Delete mode:

This deletes designated records in Salesforce. Specifying what should be deleted is like with any other sync: pick your identity mapping from your source and set any filter conditions (other field mappings are unnecessary in this mode):

In the example above, Polytomic will delete all Contacts in Salesforce that meet these two conditions:

  • The Salesforce Email field value matches that of the Email field of the source model.
  • The source model's Is deleted field for the matching record is set to true.