Specify sync schedule

Polytomic supports different types of sync schedules. Note that all syncs are incremental by default: only new and updated records are synced. No change in your source fields implies no data synced. Here are the supported sync schedule types:

  • Manual: a sync will take place only when explicitly instigated by either clicking the Sync now button or calling the Trigger sync API.

  • Continuous: the source is polled for updates every five minutes.

  • Hourly

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Custom schedule: define your own schedule (e.g. 'three times a day, every eight hours") using cron syntax.

  • Sync after: run this sync only when one or more other syncs finish. This can be useful to avoid multiple syncs writing to the same object (e.g. Salesforce Contacts) which some systems can reject.

Cron Syntax

For example, if you want to sync every Monday and Wednesday before the workday starts. Please note, all times are in UTC.


For more help with cron syntax you may consider using publicly available tools like https://crontab.guru/ or asking technical advice from within your team or from Polytomic support channels.