Setup views

Before the customer support widget can display any data, a View needs to be created in Polytomic for the widget to pull data from. All that's needed to define a View is a selection of fields from the models you've already constructed.

  1. In Polytomic, go to Views → Create View.

  2. Select the model fields you would like to show up in your widget using the model field dropdown menu.

  1. Select the connection you would like to enable the view for using the connection dropdown menu.

  2. Specify which of your View fields designates a user email address. The Polytomic widget will use the email address in your support ticket to connect to the View.

  1. Click 'Save'.

  2. In the system you enabled the View for, open the Polytomic widget in the context of a user email/support ticket. If the user's email is present in the model, your View data will display on demand.